Most Used Apps In My Phone

Hello Everyone! How are ya again? It is second post of today. And I hope you will like it.

So, in this post I am going to show you my most used apps in my phone. Maybe you will be interested in them. I want to say that, non of them is sponsored. I will just insert a pictures. Continue reading


Get to know me better

Hiya! Are you feeling comfy? Of course, I have a about me page where you can see little things about me, but I am going to tell you more interesting bits in here.

So lets start

Name: Catherine (On Georgian Ekaterine)

Nickname: My PE teacher called me squirrel but now noone calls me like that.

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2018 Travel Bucket List

So last year, I haven’t traveled a lot. Mainly, I travel in Georgia; But in 2018, I want to travel in Europe. In my bucket list, I have places, I wanted to visit for years. Continue reading

My Goals For 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2018 will be the best year ever for you. I am so excited for 2018. I want to make my dreams come true this year and also I have a lot of blog goals. Continue reading

Winter Night Routine. Blogmas #5

Hi everyone! How are you all doing! I am sooo excited today! Because, this blog is collaboration with Lifeasnajida! Her blog’s amazing so make sure to check her blogs out and follow if you like them! I love them!

So today, i am going to be telling you everything about my winter night routine! So exciting!
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Christmas T-shirts! Blogmas #5

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? Have you had a great day? Today I am very excited! because today, when I looked out from the window, EVERYTHING was covered in snow.  I hope we will have a white Christmas this year! I am soooooo excited!!! AHHH!

So today, I thought, it would be nice to share my Christmas T-shirt wishlist with you, because, sometimes when we are boiling in Christmas jumpers and we want to still have a Christmas themed outfit,  we just need a Christmas Tees and that is it! WE feel good again! I know, I make lot of “wishlists”(I became a queen of wishlists! Haha!) but, I think they are quite interesting and I think you guys are enjoying them. So let’s start!

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Christmas Jumpers! Blogmas #4

Hello! Happy Blogmas! I am so excited to write this blog! Jumpers are my favorite things ever! You can always find them in my Wishlist. Every season! (Not matter if it is summer and everything is boiling!) I am so sorry I did not upload yesterday or the day before but I had lot of things at school.

I am so excited!

Let’s start!

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My Christmas PJs Wishlist. Blogmas #3

Hello! How are you all doing? Are you feeling festive already? Are you excited? So, today I decided to give you some inspiration for your Christmas Pyjama wishlist! Nothing can make you more Christmasy than wearing a Christmas Jumpers! So let’s start! Continue reading

Festive Gift Guide Under £5 (Girls)

Merry Christmas Guys! I know it is not Christmas ye, but I CAN NOT wait til it!

You may know that I don’t live in Britain(but I would LOVE to). But I have a lot of friends in Britain, and also lot of my viewers are from this AMAZING country to. So I wanted to help them for a bit and give them some ideas where to find cheap but lovely gifts for there girl friends or relatives.

1. BEAUTY! I think, every girl loves beauty products. I love lip balms and eye shadows very much, but I am not really using them; But if you have a friend who is obsessed with make up and is always in need of new beauty products, here are some products to gift her:

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Christmas Mood Board!

Hiya! Happy 1 December Everyone! I am so excited for Christmas! I hope you are too! It makes me feel more excited that I am so close to 100 followers! Ahhh!  thanks guys!

So today, I thought:”Let’s make everyone feel Christmasy like me”. So, I picked some cosy Christmas pictures from google, to make you feel excited. Continue reading